Floating Bridge PMP-60 The PMP Floating Bridge is a quick assembly mobile pontoon bridge designed by the Soviet Union. Floating bridge may also be referred as Ribbon bridge or Pontoon bridge. PMP-60 has a carrying capacity of 20 or 60 tonnes. The 20 tonne bridge is made of halves of pontoons and is much longer. With PMP pontoons it is possible to assemble ferries with load capacity up to 170 tonnes. While deployment a truck carrying the pontoon is backed alongside the edge of river. Truck stops and bridge slides off and then unfolds automatically. Motorboats are then used to attach pontoons to one another. The 60t bridge spans 227 meters with 32 river pontoons, 12 motorboats and 4 shore pontoons. PMP design was a technological breakthrough in the development of engineering: it took 30-50 minutes to assemble pontoons in a floating bridge with the crossing length up to 382 meters (20t) instead of 2-3 days. Subsequently, the design was borrowed by US, German, Chineese and other armies. The river pontoons and shore pontoons carried by trucks are basic parts of the PMP-60 set. Each pontoon section consists of two middle and two side hinge- connected pontoons. The track section is built in the pontoon deck and transoms of middle pontoons have connecting joints in the form of an ear-lug and pin. The shore section differs from the river pontoon in a straight bevel of the deck from the side of the transom and is more rugged. The shore section without ferry bridge is 5.5 m long. Each shore section comprises screw jacks to change the tilt angle of the pontoon and hinged ferry bridges to embark transportation means on a pontoon or bridge. Each pontoon weighs seven tons. The pontoon trucks have a special purpose platform fitted with a tractor winch and hoisting beam. The pontoon truck is used for shipping a section, unloading it on water, folding and loading. Tug motorboats are used for docking and drawing ferry bridges, towing pontoons, engineering reconnaissance of water obstacles, carrying out auxiliary operations and services at crossing points. For details please refer to Brochure and Offer. PMP-60 Floating bridge price is $2.3MM (millions USD) FOB Sea Port of Europe If you are interested in purchasing of refurbished PMP-60 Floating bridge please contact: office@vikst.com  ©  Copyright 1999-2013 ВИКСТ Pontoon features: Feature River  Shore load capacity, t 20 10 w/o truck KrAZ-255B1  weight, t 6,79 5,5 length, m   6,75 7,25 with truck KrAZ-255B1  weight, t 19,8 20,034   length, m    9,95 9,2 width, m 3,154 3,15 height, m    3,600 3,6 River pontoon consists: 2 med pontoons  2 side pontoons  pontoon mechanisms  interpontoon mechanisms  Additional ramps   Shore pontoon consists: 2 med pontoons  2 side pontoons  2 middle steps  2 side steps pontoon mechanisms  interpontoon mechanisms  Additional ramps   Description Q-ty River pontoon on truck KrAZ-255B1  32 Shore pontoon on truck KrAZ-255B1  4 Road cover on truck KrAZ-255B 2 Motorboat BMK-150M (or BMK-130)  12 Features of Floating Bridge PMP-60: Bridge load capacity, t 60  20  Ribbon bridge length (full set), m  227  382   Bridge assamble time, min 30  50  Load capacity of ferry, t 40-150  Time to lay pantoon, min  8-20